Tina Mestré

Photography has always been a way to express myself...

Even as a child I would steal my Mom’s throw-away cameras, specially for events or vacations, and I would photograph the sky or random things I found to be beautiful. She wasn’t very happy once she got her roll developed, but at least she can sort of appreciate it!

7 years ago I went through a huge transition in my life and photography was so very therapeutic. For about 3 years I walked around downtown areas and photographed people on the bus, the beautiful nature around me and lots of little crevices in my home. I also became a product photographer during that time. 

After those 3 years I felt it was time to start incorporating people and events into my photography and it completely added a new aspect I had never experienced before. I loved seeing two people share glances, embrace in a hug or laugh together. Children were especially fun because their guards are down and they can be completely uninhibited. 

Freeze-framing moments between people are what I live for. 

I feel solely responsible for capturing someone’s essence and that is something I do not take lightly. 

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